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Abertysswg generalDrive north from the Welsh capital city of Cardiff.

Keep going north, through the Rhymney Valley, beyond Caerphilly until it seems that there is no more road left.

Take a right turn and after a few miles you’ll find the village of Abertysswg nestled below the Rhychdir mountains. Today around 1,500 people live in this village. One hundred years ago there were less than 50. Where today there are houses, a small park, a church and a school, a century ago there were just farms and fields.

It’s a village born from coal. The rich deposits of this valuable material drew people to this remote part of South Wales, promising them the one thing they didn’t have in their own villages and towns — a job.

Coal created the village. Coal brought families from England and Ireland to settle here in the hope of a better life. Among them were my ancestors. They came from southern Ireland, from Worcester and from Gloucester and from the neighbouring valleys of Blaenau Gwent.

This blog is the journal of my attempts to follow their trail to Wales.

It is also a record of my research into my maiden surname of HEENAN which is now a One Name Study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.

The purpose of this  blog is to keep track of my research and to share information I discover about the various strands of my family tree. If you stumble upon this site and you share some of my interests, so much the better.  Feel free to browse or to leave me a comment.


5 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Hi
    I am researching Jane Heenan and I see you have one person of that name in your files also. I did find a Jane Heenan daughter of Mary Fennell and John Heenan born in Limerick in 1779. My Jane born about that time married a William Hatch his son Robert HATCH bt 1805 had a bakery in Newry Down. He married a MARY ANN THOMPSON 1807? both came to Australia in 1837. I have Roberts line from 1805 and am ion contact with a heenan researcher fron Down who is from a long line family in Tullyheenan down
    My email is penoestra@hotmail should you like to contact me

  2. Hi I don’t know if this is a dead blog or whether you are continuing your search but I was looking into my family history, My maiden name is Heenan and My grandfather was Thomas Heenan from Rhymney valleys in South Wales, and May of been related to a Patrick I know my Family come from County Limerick and I was wondering if we were search the same family history. Should you wish to contact me for any details


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