Notable Heenans: Sir Joseph Heenan

Occasionally my news feed brings me little nuggets about various individuals around the world that bear the surname Heenan.

One that came to my attention today is from New Zealand and concerns Sir Joseph William Allan Heenan who was apparently a senior public servant, administrator and drafter of legislation. Born the son of a bootmaker and dressmaker in Greymouth, New Zealand on January 17 1888 he died on October 11 1951, two years after he was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his service as undersecretary of Internal Affairs.

He used his legal talents not only for the benefit of his country’s government but for a number of sporting bodies. He re-wrote the rules of the New Zealand Racing Conference in 1931 and those of the New Zealand Trotting Conference in 1949, and twice revised the rules of the Boxing Association.  He considered the highlight of his administrative career to be the New Zealand centennial celebrations of 1939–40, of which he was chief executive officer.


This is an extensive biography of Sir Joseph Heenan and his illustrious career in New Zealand Biographies 



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