Taking the next steps

I’ve taken my research into a different dimension in recent weeks by registering the surname HEENAN for a one name study via the Guild of One Name Studies. The idea is to document all instances of the name in as many parts of the world as possible so we can understand migration patterns.

it’s very early days yet but already i’ve made some discoveries. For example, I had expected the main density of people with this surname outside of Ireland would be around the ports of Liverpool and Merseyside.  But in fact it turns out that there were more clusters in Scotland. Looking worldwide I thought I would have found concentrations in North America and Australia, Surprisingly though New Zealand had more individuals than Australia. Looks like this One Name study is going to challenge my thinking and open up new ideas. Take a look at these maps for more information.

I’ve also been learning a little about the origin of the surname and its meaning.


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